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My Toons

Some people pick one character and stick with it throughout the long haul. When they're done with that character, they stop playing or they retire it and create a new one and start the process over.

Others, myself included, create multiple characters that we play at any given time. We usually have one character that we play more than the rest, but we still try to give all of our other toons some love and care.

If you click on each of my toons' signature images below, you will be taken to their character profile. In the character profile, depending on your permissions, you can see each of my characters gear, inventory, recipes, quests, etc. If you click on their name, you will be taken to their character history, including when they reached which levels and what guilds they've been a member of and for how long.


Adelyse (pronounced A-del-ease) was the first character that I created and played. I wanted to be a druid because I wanted cat form. I always played her with someone else, which meant that she got to be the healer, so I never got to play her in cat form. She reached level 42 playing with that someone else, and things didn't work out, and I haven't been able to really get into her again since then. At the time, Helene was about 25, and I didn't have as much time and emotion invested into her, so I switched over, and began playing her. Poor Adelyse was left in the dust and since then, I think I've forgotten how to play a druid. I still log into her every once in a while and try to level her up some, but I never get very far. I plan to remedy that soon.

Where does the name Adelyse come from? I hit randomize a few times on the character creation screen, and Adelyse popped up. I thought that sounded like a good name for a Night Elf, so I used it.


Helene (pronounced Hel-layne) was actually the second character that I created, however, she has become my main as I have decided that I love playing a mage. I currently raid with her, and she has almost completed her Magister's Regalia and it is partially upgraded to the Sorcerer's Regalia, which I plan on completing, even though I already have half of my Arcanist Regalia.

Helene got her name from the randomize feature as well, however, this time I modified the randomized name a bit. It landed on Helena, which I thought was a pretty enough name, but I thought that changing the spelling and softening the last vowel sound would be even prettier.


Deirdre has a bit of an interesting history. Unfortunately, you can't see all of it, because I've deleted and recreated her on different servers. However, I won't be doing that again, so this history is the only accurate one. I decided that I wanted a warlock, so I created a warlock named Kamara on Malygos, my current server. I got her to about level 10 or so, and decided that I wanted to play with some friends from work on their server. I deleted Kamara and went to create her on Stormreaver. The name Kamara was taken, so I just used my current mains name, Helene, and I got her up to about level 15.

At this point, I decided that I didn't see my friends online enough, and I hated not being able to see what was going on with my guild members, so I deleted Helene, and went to recreate Kamara on Malygos. The name Kamara was taken again (by someone who had joined my guild interestingly enough), so I picked the name Deirdre. I thought it was a good name for a warlock. I've since played her in two hours spurts to use up her rested experience and then gone back to whatever I was doing on another toon. I'd like to get her at least to 20 soon so that I can get another pet and learn to summon.

NiennaBank and NiennaVault

NiennaBank is just my bank account on Malygos. I'm not sure that there's much to see on her, but I'm going to link to her character profile anyway, in case at some point I do have something open to see.

I created a mage since I already have one, and I figured I wouldn't want to play another mage, but just in case (and to open up a few more bank spots), I deleted everything that she started with, including her hearthstone. I won't be taking her anywhere. If you're wondering where this name came from, my account name is NiennaMiriel from a Lord of the Rings Elven Name Generator, so NiennaBank seemed the most logical name.

NiennaBank's inventory was filling up rapidly because I was using her as storage of items that I wanted to use at some point, but wanted to keep out of my main toons inventory in addition to items that I wanted to sell on the auction house once I got full stacks. I debated (for a very short while) about whether to create another toon or not, and I decided to create one toon exclusively for storage and leave NiennaBank as an auction mule. I also thought about running a character to a goblin town to use for the neutral auction house, but I figure that I don't sell much of anything over there, so there isn't much point.

I created a warlock for my vault and destroyed her hearthstone as well.


CÚleste was born because a ton of my friends from an online community played on the Kirin Tor server, and I couldn't play with them. Even if character transfers had been in place, I wouldn't have done it, because I like my home on Malygos too much. So I created a rogue, which I'd never played before but wanted to try out, to hop on and play when I had the chance.

I believe CÚleste was another of those randomized names that I altered a little. Celeste popped up on the screen, but I wanted to make it a little more interesting, so I made it French by adding the accent to it.


Ilassa was a way to appease a group of my coworkers who bugged me to create a character on their server. First, so that I could play with them, and second so that I didn't always play on a "girl server." I told them that even if I do create a toon on their server, I won't play her all that much. At least I've got something now.

I actually performed a search for fantasy names for this one, and I can't remember where I got it from. Maybe I'll find the site again some day. I was just happy that the first name that I liked on the list wasn't taken.

Other Toons

I also have a number of other toons that I created to take censuses of different realms with. I don't claim any of them on Warcraft Realms and I don't profile them on RPG Outfitter, but they exist just the same. Sometimes they get deleted to make room for realms that need more censuses taken, otherwise I just log into them every few days when I don't have anything else to do and let the census mod do the work.

It's also probably pretty safe to assume that these aren't the last toons that I'll be creating and actually playing. Who knows when I'll create a new toon to actually play? I sure don't.